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El Dorado Seaside Suites

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

El Dorado  Seaside Suites is a high end, adult property located in Rivera Maya Area. It is about 1.5 hours from the airport south of Cancun. One of the big selling features is the gourmet dining, which everything is locally sourced and is amazing for foodies! What do you think of this resort?

First Impression

Beautiful resort located about 90 minutes from the airport. When arriving to the resort, you pull up to the grand entrance. It is breathtaking and exactly what you expect from a 5 star property. There are fresh flowers everywhere and the water feature adds to the perfect vacation destinations. After the Welcome Cocktail- yes it was very tasty! We headed for the Resort Tour.


We first visited the rooms at the resort, which blew me away. All of the rooms on this resort are ocean view and the majority of the rooms have swim up suites- even on the upper floors! The swim up suites did connect to one large area and would be fantastic for a group of adults that were traveling together! It is really unique and very intriguing concept. The rooms themselves are very modern and have lots of updates. Each room does include double sinks, a beautiful rain shower, and a double jacuzzi in each suite.


The spa is the largest spa in the Riviera Maya and is simply amazing. It is beautifully decorated and has the ambiance of total serenity. The spa offers many treatment rooms as well as a wonderful bridal suite for the bride on her special day.


I was not able to eat on the resorts, but I did ask a few of the guests at the property about the cuisine. The consensus was that the gourmet dining was unbelievable. They raved about the Asian and Mexican Cuisine. There is also an amazing bar/sports club area that holds many of the daily activities as well as the night club in the evening. The resort has the ideal vacation perfected and has so much for the guests to do.


El Dorado Seaside Suites is part of the gourmet all-inclusive and all of the cocktails are made to order. There are no mixers involved with the mixed drinks, so all the drinks are freshly made. Can I get a Pina Colada? or Two? So Yummy!


The pools are located on each floor, so they are hard to miss. The swim up suites are amazing as well and allows for great relaxation and its only steps away from your own bed. The main pool is on the ground floor and is a huge, very beautiful pool with a lovely swim up bar.


Here is the only downside to this property, but not everyone is a beach person. The beach here is not a swimmable beach as the reef comes all the way to the shoreline. There were many people out exploring with their water shoes and finding all kinds of sea creatures. It is intriguing, but it is not a beautiful beach. BUT you are able to visit the resort next door- El Dorado Sensimar that has a beautiful beach that you can swim and spend the day. You can take a golf cart over to Sensimar side where you are able to use the the Sensimar side as your own, so the all-inclusive is valid for you there. Yay! Note: When we were there, there was a huge storm off the coast which brought in a large amount of seaweed. This is not normal, but it can occur with the reefs being so close.


This is a beautiful resort! It has so much to offer couples and groups of friends. I loved the resort and will return and send many guests. The positives of the swim ups and activities on the resort definitely outweigh the negative of the beach, especially since you have access to the Sensimar side. Beautiful property!

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